IPs Consultative Council


5 Years Strategic Plan

Executive Summary of the IP Summit 2023

Community development is a process for building and investing in effective and sustainable indigenous communities, government support and services. The Philippine government has traditionally supported communities through targeted programs initiated by the NCIP and not all indigenous communities have benefited from this approach. In order to move forward, the impact of government programs and policy on indigenous communities must be acknowledged and a true governmentto IPspartnership must be pursued.

The indigenous community development strategy will empower indigenous communities to set objectives and measure their own progress and performance toward meeting these goals. The Consultative Council and ADACOP will facilitate the collection of relevant and mutually beneficial data and metrics to ensure that government decisions at all levels are informed by accurate information, considering the guideline of NCIP implementing rules. Relevant data and agreed-upon performance metrics will be collected to assist in measuring system performance through the implementation of this strategy.

The strategy supports community development through a holistic, strength-based, and community-led process with the principles of cultural competence and respect for indigenous knowledge at its core. The strategy is designed to guide the Consultative Council and ADACOP in supporting indigenous people and communities according to their self-determined priorities. It can be applied in a flexible way to meet unique and diverse regional needs for its 110 tribal groups in the Philippines.